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    Rules and Clan Requirements

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    Rules and Clan Requirements Empty Rules and Clan Requirements

    Post by Great Dane on Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:49 pm

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    These are higher, yes. We have all played over the last few months and I assume you all have gotten stronger. Ex-KoL members who do not meet requirements may still join but are strongly encouraged to meet one of the three requirements ASAP.

    Clan Rules:

    1) All leadership will be respected. We are working harder than you in order to maintain a fun, ever-growing, ever-strengthening group of players. If you have a problem, please send a PM to us on the forums or in-game.

    2) Your other clan members will be respected. Like you, they are here to have fun in events or hanging out in clan chat. Do not overstep the boundaries of casual teasing into malicious or hurtful statements.

    3) If at all possible, try to spend your game time within our clan world, World 76. If you need to switch worlds because an area is busy, that is fine. We will also switch to event-themed worlds when necessary (Pest Control, Clan Wars, etc).

    4) If at all possible, when you log onto Runescape, join Great Dane's clan chat. That way we all continue to build friendships in a group-centered environment.

    5) When doing a team combat-based event such as Clan Wars or PKing, listen to the event leader. Do not talk! Listen to the name or level called and pile.

    6) The ranking system will be determined by the leadership. All clan members will be given two stripes (corporal) by default. All new members will be given one stripe (recruit). Members who go above and beyond whether in chat, forums, or events will get three stripes (sergeant) or a bronze star (lieutennant). Silver and Gold stars will be reserved for leadership. DO NOT ASK FOR A BUMP IN RANK. The rankings really don't mean all that much anyway.

    7) Multi-clanning is not allowed.

    Cool These rules will be expanded as necessary.

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