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    Skully068 Application


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    Post by Skully068 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:25 pm

    1. Runescape name: [This must match your forum name!]
    2. Name of any clan members you know or who referred you:
    i saw many people i knew from KOL in rhq forum
    3. Combat level:
    4. Range level:
    5. Mage level:
    6. Skill Total:
    7. Top 3 favorite skills:
    Fletching, Construction, Summoning
    8. Top 3 RS minigames:
    Soul Wars, Clan Wars, Stealing Creation
    9. Have you been in a clan in the last 6 months? If so, name?:
    Yes, Kingdom of Legends
    10. If you answered "Yes" to #9, why did you quit?
    i didn't quit, the clan collapsed
    11. Why do you want to be a part of Glienior's Forge?
    I would like to be in another runescape clan and meet new friends Very Happy
    Hut Master45
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    Post by Hut Master45 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:19 am

    Looks Good, You'll get accepted once dane gets on.

    Welcome to the Forge.
    Once you go GF there's no going back....
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    Post by Great Dane on Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:41 pm


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